Our goal is to highlight gear that is still being made the way people used to make it when it was equipment one truly had to depend on – gear that functions just as well, or even better, than some of the new-fangled stuff out there. It might even be gear that, with care, could be handed down to someone else when the time came. In addition to featuring solid, time-tested equipment, the items you’ll find here ideally possess a certain, admittedly subjective, “quality of quality.”  To put it another way – gear that is instantly recognizable as being well-made, because it simply should be; the type of gear that you will likely need to spend time wearing-in, not wondering how soon it will wear out.

We also believe that in outdoor pursuits (if not life in general), the ultimate virtue of a good piece of gear is that it’s simplicity and dependability are such that you don’t have to think about it. We feel that the ‘cult of high-tech’ approach to the outdoors misses the entire point. Isn’t it about getting away from technology and excessive contrivance?

We’re always looking for gear that fits the somewhat nebulous criteria mentioned above. Feel free to send suggestions.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared on this blog are the honest, personal point of view of the author/s. We do not work for any of the companies whose products are reviewed here, and do not receive free samples from companies for review.


14 comments on “Why?

  1. M McAvoy says:


    How come you haven’t added anything since April? I find this site to be most interesting and have been buying lots of the stuff you are talking about. Most of it I either wore out or lost since my youth.
    Anyway, keep them coming.

  2. smithhammer says:

    Thanks for following the blog, and apologies for not updating in a while. Expect more updates in the near future, and always feel free to send in suggestions about products that you think would be appropriate. Cheers.

  3. dsuden says:

    Interesting site! It’s fun to read about some of the old tried-and-true outdoor gear.

  4. rct says:

    Yea, i agree
    keep the posts coming, you have neat taste and i enjoy checking the unique goods, as i love quality outdoor gear. good work and let us know any other sites that highlight tastefully well crafted goods…. thanks

  5. DJL says:

    I enjoy your site and product picks. One item I wish to offer is a great favorite of mine. The original Swordfish cap from Quaker Marine is a great long-billed cap which is made in exact hat sizing. It does not have the “one-size fits all” plastic strap in the back. The Swordfish is superbly made in the USA. See http://www.quakermarine.com for more info

  6. Nate says:

    I adore your blog. Thanks so much for putting this together!

  7. Glen Bahde says:

    I like your blog. In the vein of great equipment I am saying this.

    “I am retiring my Filson game bag this year for this. This is arguably the best strap vest for upland ever made with out qualification.”


  8. Mark Coleman says:

    I’ll toss in a vote for the Remington 870 and Hoppe’s No. 9.

  9. Tom Wilkie says:

    Couple of bits of gear from Australia you might like to look at:
    RM Williams Swag, no fancy zips, velcro or poles.
    Akubra Hats, not just a hat but yr best mate

  10. Siber says:

    Great site. We seem to have the same tastes. I suggest the K+N Matchcase, and Russels Moccasins. Would love to see what tents you recommend. Im definatly an old school canvass guy,

  11. Jeff Sackett says:

    Is this blog still acitve? I love old time gear and look for it where I can–sales, stores, on the web. I enjoy reading this very much.

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