A New Case

I wanted a new traditional folding/pocket knife.

My criteria –

  1. I wanted a two-blade, “Trapper” style folder. In addition to a standard clip point blade, I wanted the knife to have a Wharncliffe-style blade as well, for specific tasks.
  2. I wanted good quality, but didn’t feel the need to drop a lot of money on a custom.
  3. I wanted it to be made in the USA.

After some searching, I ended up with a Case Mini-Trapper (model #6207W SS).


The W.R. Case ‘Sawcut’ Trapper, shown with a KSF “PocketSlip” pouch.

The Mini-Trapper hits the mark for my idea of the perfect little pocket knife. It’s 3-1/2″ long, with nickel silver hardware, brass pins and genuine bone scales. The blades are Case’s “Tru Sharp” (6207) stainless steel. Easy to sharpen and they hold a sweet edge. This particular model is called a “sawcut” because the bone scales are rough cut, which gives the knife a nice, “grippy” texture in the hand. The bone on this knife looks and feels great in a way that is hard to convey in a photo.

I would describe the Case Sawcut Mini-Trapper as representative of the “middle of the line” when it comes to Case knives. It is not one of their high-end, limited editions, nor is it one of their base models, which typically run about half the price of this one (and are still a good, less expensive option). Finer details I’ve been impressed with on this knife include excellent alignment of the blades inside the liners when closed, perfect joining of the liners with the scales (no gaps), and a smooth, but crisp, action upon opening/closing.

Founded in 1889, W.R. Case and Sons continues to operate in Bradford, Pennsylvania, making some of the sweetest little knives for the money, in my opinion. Still handcrafted in the USA with pride. Everyone should own a Case pocketknife.

2 comments on “A New Case

  1. Jeff Sackett says:

    I googled, “Classic Outdoor Gear” and found this blog. Very nice!

  2. Re: says:

    I grew up a few miles from Bradford, used to tour Case (and Zippo lighters too) on grade school field trip.
    1960’s and we’d all receive a pocket knife (and lighter, at Zippo) at the end of our field trips. The good ol’ days.

    Great blog.

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