The DLT ‘Bushcraft AP’ Pouch

I picked up one of these sweet little DLT ‘Bushcraft AP (All Purpose)’ sheaths a while back, and felt that it was a worthy item to share with Classic Gear readers. Nothing revolutionary here, just a stout little leather pouch, built to withstand the elements. The thick leather sheath measures 4″ x 2″ and is the perfect size for all sorts of small items, such as fire or sharpening kits, a multi-tool or your favorite folding knife.

DLT’s ‘Bushcraft AP’ Sheath with EEP Finish.

It is available in standard leather, or with the ‘EEP” (Extreme Environmental Protection) treatment, which makes it impervious to water and harsh weather. Personally, I think the extra $10 for the EEP version is worth it. I have several EEP sheaths, and this treatment really takes the durability of leather to a whole new level.

With the grommets, this sheath can also “piggyback” onto other sheaths. A useful and versatile piece of gear.

The DLT ‘Bushcraft AP’ sheath is made by Sharpshooter Sheath Systems in Escanaba, MI.


5 comments on “The DLT ‘Bushcraft AP’ Pouch

  1. flynn1959 says:

    Nice suggestion, Thanks!!

  2. savannahriverfly says:

    Stumbled across your blog and I enjoy checking in for new items. I dont have a much time as I used to for doing the research. Thanks for sharing. Where did you get your fire steel? I can’t seem to find nicer ones like yours. All the ones online have cheap plastic handle knobs. Thanks again.

  3. Smithhammer says:

    Thanks for stopping by. The firesteel pictured is the Light My Fire “Army” model with an oak handle. You can find them here among other places.

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