The Canteen Grill Top Stove

This is a great little item I came across a while back. I love it because it’s really simple, packable and does what it’s designed to do quite well. The Canteen Grill Top Stove is exactly what the name suggests, and it takes an old, standard-issue piece of GI gear and greatly improves its durability and versatility. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, but still lightweight. No moving parts to wear out, break or lose. Just a solid, smart mini-grill that nests perfectly on the outside of a canteen cup.

Build a fire underneath, and you’ll have boiling water in a few minutes. Or, set it over a small alcohol stove, such as the Trangia Spirit Burner. You can also grill directly on top of it, and with a little creativity, you can probably come up with a number of other camp uses for the Canteen Stove.

The Canteen Grill Top Stove fits perfectly on the outside of a canteen cup, making for a compact water bottle, cup/bowl and cooking unit.

Canteen, cup and stove.

The Grill Top Stove at work.

…and the Soup du Jour.

All in all, a pretty useful piece of kit for $20.00.

The Canteen Stove is made in the USA and is available at the Canteen Shop, along with many other camping and “buggin’ out” supplies.


6 comments on “The Canteen Grill Top Stove

  1. thunderbolt1959 says:

    Great article, Thanks!
    Especially helpful to have truly simple “tools” to have access to. Keeping it light and simple is really important for me as this may not be something needed until “That day”…
    I’ll check out the canteen shop for more ideas.
    Speaking of ideas, would you know if that “Triangla” stove is USA made? Tryiung to buy USA whenever possible…
    Thanks, Rick

  2. Smithhammer says:

    Thanks, Rick! The Trangia stoves are not US made, they are made in Sweden. But alcohol stoves can be made very easily out of a can, etc. There are lots of DIY instructions on the web for how to do it. Here’s one:

    That said, even though they aren’t made in the US, the Trangias are a really good option for about $15, and are a more durable/crushproof than the aluminum can option if you’re backpacking. Plus, with a screw top and an o-ring to prevent leaks, you can store fuel in the stove, which can be handy. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. @Smithhammer What a great link! I can’t wait to try it out in the spring. sweden makes quality products, there’s no harm in purchasing from them!

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