The Tru-Nord Compass

There are a number of small, pin-on type compasses available that may, at first glance, appear similar to the Tru-Nord, but as with much of the best classic gear, the devil is in the details. This is by far the best I’ve found, for a number of reasons.


The Tru-Nord Pin-On Compass Model# 200C

– Each Tru Nord is precision CNC machined from a solid piece of 1-1/16″ brass bar stock.

– The jeweled movement floats on a polished, tapered pinnacle, covered by a Lexan® lens (no internal fluid to develop bubbles over time, or leak, as virtually all cheap compasses do).

– The brass cover ring is threaded to the brass case for a watch-type seal, making the compass truly water and shock resistant.

– When you order a Tru-Nord from the company, they will automatically compensate the compass to your zip code (unless you request otherwise), in order to provide a corrected “Grid North” for map navigation. And they will re-compensate it for you, if you send it back to them, if you are going somewhere distant with a different correction.

– The pin-on model offers a far more secure and durable attachment than the flimsy pins I’ve seen on just about every other pin-on type compass.

– A lifetime replacement warranty – “regardless of circumstance.”  From the founder, Vern Budlong, “I want this to be your compass for life.”  That’s the sort of simple, straightforward commitment that earns our respect.

Tru-Nord compasses are available in pin-on, watchband, keyring and simple “pocket” versions. Tru-Nord compasses have been manufactured in Brainerd, Minnesota since the company was founded over 60 years ago. I can say without hesitation that Tru-Nord is another product that perfectly exemplifies why I started this blog – simple, rugged, reasonably priced, made to consistently high standards by people who care and, even better – made in the USA.

Tru-Nord Link

10 comments on “The Tru-Nord Compass

  1. flynn1959 says:

    Liked your post so much, I just ordered one!
    Thank You for the tip!
    Looking forward to giving a look and will report back with my thought’s.
    Cheers, Rick

    • flynn1959 says:

      Oh yeah, 13 months later….GREAT little compass!!! Anyone needing a compass like this should be proud to support a USA small business like this. This is a no nonsense little business that delivers exactly what they advertise. Need I say more?

  2. anonymous says:

    great find

  3. Been meaning to pick one up for years, and your post reminded me to do so. Got one for The Boy to put away as a Christmas present, too.

  4. Jesse says:

    I can’t get them to reply to any of my emails. I would love to get one, but the customer service appears to be horrible.

    • It looks like a tiny one person operation. Check their address out on Google Maps. And, customer service, no, make that communication (read:chatty) didn’t strike me as a strong point with Tru-Nord in my dealings with them .
      Their compass IS a strong point. And, I sent mine back for a declination change which was fast and flawless.
      I suspect, unless something has changed, that if you order a compass from them you’ll be delighted. Not just pleased.
      Is there a problem ordering through their website?
      Cheers, Rick

  5. Bill A says:

    I have two Trunord compasses, a wrist model and a pin on, and I won’t venture into the wilds fishing, hunting or hiking without one of them. Unlike a GPS that can be affected by trees, weather. or bad batteries, my TruNord always works. Period.

  6. William R says:

    This is the best compass around. Hands down! We are very proud to carry this compass on our site and we always get great feedback from our customers. And it’s another great product, made in MN.

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