The Trail Blazer Bucksaw

I am so thoroughly impressed with this product, from every possible angle, that it gets and “11” on my scale of 1 – 10.

It embodies everything I admire in a piece of outdoor gear:

It’s beautifully simple.

It’s well made, well thought-out and durable.

It does the job it’s designed for flawlessly.

When not in use, it’s compact and light and easy to strap to a backpack, bike, or whatever your preferred method of travel is.

It represents a great value for the investment ($30-$40)

Considering all of the above, I don’t know what more you can possibly ask from a piece of gear.

The Trail Blazer in action.

Once again, the beauty is in attention to the right details. The blade is tough, sharp Swedish steel. The tension rod is flattened at the end, so there is no chance of losing the wingnut. And once it’s all assembled and tightened, it is solid.

The only personal modifications I’ve made to my Trail Blazer are the addition of a little grip tape to the handle, and a bright piece of cord to the retaining clip, which could be easy to misplace otherwise.

Trail Blazer bucksaws are made in Canada, and are available in 18″ and 21″ models. To find out more about everything Trail Blazer Outdoor Products has to offer, go to this link.

One comment on “The Trail Blazer Bucksaw

  1. Quartered a moose with one yesterday.

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