Filson Tin Cloth Strap Vest

Filson Vest Model #16034

Sure, there are much more hi-tech upland hunting vests available these days, with “hydration bladder sleeves” and “adjustable suspension systems” and whatnot. But like all of the best Filson products, there’s something about this vest that the new-fangled options just can’t touch. Filson makes a number of different upland vests, and it really just comes down to personal preference, but I’ve been partial to the model #16034 for some time. I’ve used this vest heavily for four years now and it just keeps getting better.

Heavy duty, but with a light and cool design that allows for plenty of airflow that more traditional vests don’t. Two large front pockets each have an internal divider – perfect for shells, gloves, and sundry items. A small, elasticized pocket on either side fits an e-collar transmitter. Vertical front pockets allow for passing items through to the large game bag without having to reach behind you. A simple belt closure in front with a leather-covered buckle that won’t scratch your gun (the pocket buttons are also covered for the same reason).

The Tin Cloth Strap Vest with a brace of sharptails on a fine October morning.

And really, that’s about it. No other fancy bells and whistles – just simplicity perfected with a few practical features, combined with excellent, made in USA craftsmanship.  Available with or without blaze orange panels.


3 comments on “Filson Tin Cloth Strap Vest

  1. Filson just plain rules.

  2. sticks says:

    I just stumbled across this blog and I have read and re-read all of your entries. Its nice to know I’m not the only person out there who still thinks the classic, sturdy, American made gear is the best. You’ve done well of capturing your love for the outdoors and championing the cause of eschewing disposable products. Keep it up.

  3. directdrive8 says:

    Great Site! Your selection of products is excellent. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to find there are still quality products being made for those of us who demand reliability and craftsmanship.

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