Bark River Knives

For many years the Marble’s company was distinguished for making solid, domestically-produced outdoor knives. Well-known knifemaker Mike Stewart (former CEO of Blackjack Knives) was the VP in charge of Marble’s knife production from 1997 to 2001. He designed a number of their most successful recent models during his time there.

When Marble’s made the dubious decision to shift their production overseas, Mr. Stewart decided it was time to move on and start his own company; to produce knives the way that he felt it should be done, and to do so domestically.  Thus, the Bark River Knife and Tool company was born.

Bark River ‘Woodland Special’ (left) & ‘Mike Stewart Custom Hunter’ shown with a Bark River firesteel and KSF sheath.

I have admired Bark River knives from afar for quite some time before finally deciding that I needed to find out firsthand why so many people rave about them. It didn’t take long before one Bark River knife purchase turned into two. Given that it’s the middle of winter in the northern Rockies right now, I haven’t had a great deal of opportunity to use these knives outdoors extensively yet (but that will change soon…). However, after receiving the two models pictured above, and using them indoors quite a bit and some outdoors as well, I have no misgivings whatsoever about how they will perform under hard use. Both are flawlessly executed, and are clearly made to stand up to whatever serious work you intend to throw at them, with well thought-out ergonomics and stout, A-2 steel blades. They are the perfect combination of simple beauty, exceptional workmanship and rugged practicality. You most certainly get what you pay for (if not more so) with a Bark River knife, if not more so.

Bark River “Loveless Drop Point Hunter” in sheep horn with red liners.

Bark River offers a number of different models for just about every outdoor application you can think of, from EDCs, to small caping/slicing knives, hunting knives for all sizes of game, and a variety of bushcraft and survival knives. But don’t mistake them for a big company, cranking out tons of product. These are “semi-custom” knives, and many are only available in certain configurations, in limited numbers, for a finite amount of time. Full custom orders are an option as well.

All Bark River knives are made in Escanaba, Michigan and carry an honest, “no questions asked” lifetime guarantee. For more information, go to Bark River Knife and Tool.

Note Bark River knives are factory sharpened with a convex edge. For those unfamiliar with sharpening a convex, it’s a little different, but really not hard at all. In fact, with a little practice, you might even find it easier than maintaining more common types of grinds. An excellent explanation can be found in this series of videos.


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