Buck Ranger Skinner (#113)

I have a deep affection for classic Buck knives. The best examples are still made in the USA, and are some of the best all-around, serviceable field knives you can find for the money, in my opinion. I recently discovered the model #113, introduced last year, and it perfectly embodies everything that made so many of us fall in love with the venerable #110 Folding Hunter years ago.

The Buck #113 Ranger Skinner

While this is a newer Buck model, it has that classic Buck “look” that would lead you to believe they’ve been producing this knife for the last 50 years. You could lay it right next to your old #110 (or #112) and they would instantly be recognized as having come from the same mother. For anyone who has wished for a fixed blade version of their classic Buck folding knife, this is it.

The #113 comes with a 3-1/8″ hollow-ground, heat-tempered 420HC blade and a full tang. 420HC can vary in terms of quality and edge retention – much of the final result comes down to the method of heat treating. But Buck has been at it for a long time and knows how to do it right – their proprietary heat treating process produces a 420HC that is great at holding an edge, easy to sharpen, and offers good corrosion resistance.

While the thick leather belt sheath doesn’t have a retaining strap, the knife fits into it deeply and securely, with no movement. I wouldn’t worry about it falling out of the sheath at all. Brass bolster and pins, and a lanyard hole in the comfortable Macassar ebony handle. Backed by Buck’s “Forever” warranty. If you want an all-around, practical hunting knife that is built to last, with classic looks, that won’t break the bank, it’s hard to imagine something that fits the bill better than the Buck #113.


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