Irish Setter #838 & 894

Close your eyes and picture the quintessential, traditional hunting boot. Chances are you picture the Irish Setter boot shown below, whether you know it or not. This was the hunting boot that first put Irish Setter on the map, and has been often imitated (though in my mind, no one has improved on it).

The Irish Setter Wingshooter Model #894

The Wingshooter model pictured above with the white “Prarie Outsole” is one of several different available variations. It is available in a 6″ model (the #838) and a 9″ (the #894).

In my experience, the Prarie sole provides great traction and doesn’t get clogged with mud the way a lot of heavier, lug-sole type boots will. I’ve tried a number of similar upland boots from other, well-known and highly-regarded manufacturers over the years, and none have surpassed this boot for immediate comfort right out of the box, combined with excellent waterproofness and durability over the long haul. A good cleaning and a treatment with Montana Pitch a few times a year is all they need to keep going.


3 comments on “Irish Setter #838 & 894

  1. yourcousin says:

    Shame they’re made in China. My dad has had his “setters” for over a decade, it broke my heart to see this iconic boot replaced with Chinese crap.

  2. Smithhammer says:

    You make a great point, and I really wish these boots were still made domestically. I really strive to seek out domestic products as much as I can. But in this case unfortunately, to find a comparable, US-manufactured boot would at least double the price (and I know plenty of people who have dropped $300 – $400 on a pair of US made boots and still had quality issues with them). So for the price and the heritage of this boot, I still feel that the Wingshooter is well made and a good purchase.

    • yourcousin says:

      Sorry to miss your reply. Being in the boat not always having literally hundreds of dollars for say a pair Danners or another comparable brand of Redwing I discovered Thorogood (spelling?) boot company and bought a pair of boots for work (construction) and have been very pleased with them at 150 bucks. Having been a cheap skate and letting my other boots literally fall apart before getting new ones I was in the unenviable position of scouting a new elk camp in boots that were either completely falling apart (literally) or a brand new pair that arrived the night before I left. I took the chance on the new boots. I will admit that after hiking fifteen miles my feet were sore but no blisters and they have been great ever since. The pair I bought look just like the setters. I would recommend this line and will be looking for another pair soon.

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