Montana Pitch Blend

Despite a plethora of modern, synthetic, petrochemically-based fabrics available for constructing outdoor gear, there is, and I believe always will be, a place for good quality, full-grain leather. And in our disposable society, good leather will last longer than many other synthetic substitutes, and perform really well across a wide spectrum of conditions, from dry and hot to shoulder-season wet, to sub-zero.

The catch is, like most things that will last a long time and are worth owning, leather requires care. It doesn’t require much, but it does require the right care. A good leather treatment will greatly extend the life, but also significantly improve the suppleness, of a piece of leather. My preference is for a leather treatment (conditioner/dressing) that will also provide a good degree of waterproofing.

Boots are an obvious application, and should be treated at least several times a year, depending on use. But all good quality leather benefits from treatment, and there are many other practical uses as well. I use a leather treatment on all sorts of other outdoor gear, from knife sheaths to gloves, belts, dog collars and archery equipment.

I have yet to find a better leather treatment than Montana Pitch Blend, which is easy to apply and all natural – pine pitch, natural beeswax and mink oil. That’s it. No artificial ingredients, no chemicals, no silicone, no petroleum. This “all natural” formula is not a trendy gimmick, however – it is a proven formula that Montana Pitch has adhered to for 25 years because it really works and is far better for long-term care of leather than cheap synthetic ingredients.

To learn more about Montana Pitch, to find dealers and/or to purchase online, go here.

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