The Coleman 2-Burner Stove

Coleman is an archetype when it comes to classic outdoor gear. Like a Buck knife. Or a Woolrich wool overshirt. And while the company is thoroughly up-to-date these days and offers a number of modern camping conveniences, they still also offer some of the original, classic items that made them famous. One of those items is certainly the 2-Burner gas stove:

I doubt there is another stove that has seen more tailgate time than the Coleman 2-Burner, and I still think it’s the best stove for road trips and car camping that you can buy. I’ve had one for a decade without having to do anything to it, other than oil the pump cup occasionally. Sets up in seconds, packs away like a durable suitcase. And if you’re used to using little backpacking stoves, just think – you can be making coffee and cooking your eggs at the same time. If you don’t have to carry it on your back, the 2-burner is the way to go.


One comment on “The Coleman 2-Burner Stove

  1. rafael munoz says:

    Great piece of equipment and a must for classic true outdoor cooking. I still have one handed down from my dad and to him by his father.

    May I suggest writing on another classic old timer: the THERMOS BOTTLE that green metal, quart with its chrome srewable drinking coffee cup and movable handle…….

    nice nostalgia site……regards……….Rafael

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