Stormy Kromer Cap

On a cold morning in 1903, so the story goes, George “Stormy” Kromer asked his beloved wife, Ida, to help him modify one of his old baseball caps for his work as a locomotive engineer. The newly-revised cap featured a flexible visor and drop-down ear coverage, and was a great departure from the traditional engineer hats of the era. But to Stormy, the best part of his modified cap was that it managed to stay right where it belonged on his head, high winds and all.

It was just a matter of time before the Stormy Kromer cap became so popular – first among other locomotive engineers, and then among all the hard-working folks in the upper Midwest – that in 1919 Stormy created the Kromer Cap Company, moving with his wife and employees to a larger factory in Milwaukee.


Today, the Stormy Kromer cap is still made true to its original design, continuing to protect all those who wear one throughout the frosty North lands. They come in different colors, styles and materials (even a waxed cotton version), and after your head has spent a few brisk Fall days under one, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Hand-stitched in the USofA.


3 comments on “Stormy Kromer Cap

  1. Timothy May says:

    i love the hat

  2. Tim E#. Brown says:

    The Stormy is my favorite winter hat ! Wish I could wear it all year. It has not been blown yet! Even a Kansas wind can’t knock it off. Love this great hat, Thanks for a wonderful hat.

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