Need to start a fire? Need a fail-safe backup in case your lighter or matches get wet? Nothing beats a good, time-tested firesteel. Scrape the striker over tinder and you’ve got fire (with a little practice). I have several variations, but for serious firemaking, it’s hard to beat the Gobspark ‘Armageddon.” It’s large, giving off a lot of high temperature sparks, and the handle makes it easy to grasp while doing so.

The Gobspark ‘Armageddon’ firesteel.

I  recommend having several –  I keep one in my hunting pack, one that lives with my camp stove, and one that lives in my ITSHTF kit.

Tip: I also carry a small film canister (remember way back when film came in these?) filled with cotton balls soaked in vaseline. It will light easily and burn well, even in wet conditions. These two items are worth their weight in gold if you ever need it.

All the firesteel you will ever need can be found at Their products are manufacutred and assembled in the USA.


One comment on “Firesteel

  1. Awesome idea for a blog! All those great bits of classic kit we get so sentimental about.

    The steel you’ve pictured isn’t magnesium though its Ferrocerium.

    I’ll defiantly be doing a feature about your blog, keep posting

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