Camp Cooking

Today’s offerings are about one of the most important of all activities in the outdoors – eating and drinking well.

Steel Cooking Grill:

There are a variety of these to be found on the market. I like the rectangular, heavy steel model with folding legs like the one pictured above. You wouldn’t want to take one backpacking, but for road and river trips, and basecamps, they’re unbeatable.



Lodge Cast Iron:

These are so great that they’ve become what we almost always cook on at home, as well as in camp. Lodge makes a variety of excellent cast iron cooking platforms, from pancake griddles to fry pans to dutch ovens in a variety of sizes. Tip: Never use soap on cast iron. Rinse with warm water, wipe clean (or scrape if necessary), warm the pan up a bit and then season with a light coat of vegetable oil.



Enamel Cup:

This classic item exudes “old-timeyness” like your Grandpappy’s old Woolrich plaid coat. Does whiskey ’round the campfire taste better in anything than a well-used enamel tin cup? No sir.



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